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24 rows  High Country Lights, an award winning animated light show, features 4 x 4 Decorating What do you do with all the control channels?

Theres little doubt the first time you think about a show and how to connect controllers to all your different lights it can be really intimidating. Are you new to the world of Synchronized Christmas lights?.

No worries, these 32 Channel Light O Rama sequences are for you! 16 channel sequences, just Plug and Play! Halloween Sequences. Ready to go Christmas 16 channel sequences, just Plug and Play! facilitates the building of sophisticated lighting sequences choreographed to music My LightoRama Sequences (Christmas and Halloween) These files do not contain the associated music due to copyright laws.

With the information provided, you should be able to find the music via Google. Create something amazing where all your lights and special effects are perfectly synchronized to the music and video. LightORama provides the hardware and software to make the magic that dazzles the crowds. profession light controllers? LightORama has you well covered. Sequences! LightORama has assembled award winners to WowLights Productions is the leading supplier of Christmas and Halloween decorations that are synchronized to music.

From individual products to complete packages WowLights makes it easy to create a sophisticated Christmas or Halloween lights show at your home or business. Christmas Feel free to browse them all or pick from the following groups to help get you focused. Some sequences include royalty free music. This means we have purchased the license for you to use that sound track in your show. The artists do not allow you to use the music anywhere else.

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