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Salem, Massachusetts: a city of notorious history and fantastical attractions! Salem was the backdrop for the 1692 witchcraft trials, when innocent men, women and children suffered the consequences of witchcraft accusations, with over 250 people imprisoned and 20 of them eventually executed.

Viewers will visit some of the darkest, scariest corners of the countryfrom the battlefields of Gettysburg to the exact spot of the Salem Witch Trials. Sign Out HISTORY If youre looking for things to do in Salem on Halloween and October 2018 and nearby Boston, check out our list of the best local activities and attractions. Save on Admission to Fun Seasonal Activities.

Regular admission to a few of these Salem attractions are included on the Go Boston Card. Narrated by Harry Smith (of CBS's The Early Show), The History Channel's" The Haunted History Of Halloween" is a neat little history of the pagan holiday known as All Hallows Eve, or simply" Halloween". This DVD explores the deep and fascinating history that began 3, 000 years ago by the Celtic tribes in Ireland.

Various events from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. Locations include: 184 Essex St, Witch City Mall, Hawthorne Hotel, Salem Common. Halloween is the time of year when the shades of the dead whisper from forgotten places and spirits walk among us. Either way, Halloween seems to lose some of its charm when there is no trickortreating, live music, and carnivals.

Not everyone likes Halloween. I, however, grew up in a place where Halloween was always a really big event. Salem Massachusetts became a center for Halloween traditions and fun. Salem has not only taken on a persona of educating visitors about colonial Massachusetts and the 200 people accused of witchcraft, but of todays modern witches.

As a result, the city, which was founded in 1629, has been rightfully nicknamed the Witch City and takes great pride in celebrating Halloween throughout the month of Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts In the mood for a good scare? Consider spending Halloween in Salem, the witch capital of New England.

Jul 23, 2013  Salem Massachusetts Halloween Walk Through. Skip navigation Salem MA Halloween 2012 Duration: Salem Witch Trials History Channel Nov 01, 2017 Today we are in Salem, Massachusetts, a town near Boston that was made infamous for its witch hysteria.

If you have never heard about the witch trials in Salem I would recommend doing some research into it. This program was paid for by a grant from the state of Massachusetts due to Salem's status as a Massachusetts Green Community.

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