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From smalltown cookoffs to the World Pastry Team Championship, we'll take you to the biggest and best food battles around the world. Bragging rights and major cash prizes are on the line for the tallest pastry, the sweetest pie, For more than half of a decade, the world's greatest pumpkin carvers, cake artists and sugar artists have joined forces to bring to life the most mindblowing and terrifying Halloween creations imaginable as they compete for a In the Silence of the Yams preheat challenge, bakers make yam desserts that evoke classic scary movie cliches from chainsaws and hockey masks to bloody knives and Eight bakers enter the kitchen to show off their traditions and baking skills on Holiday Baking Championship.

Watch clips and browse photos on Food Network. Halloween Baking Championship, photo from Food Network Of course, each challenge has to have a twist or two.

Midchallenge, the bakers were told that they had to create an edible broomstick for their witch. Are you ready for some spooky treats this Halloween? Food Network is bringing two special shows to their network for Halloween this year. Halloween Baking Championship is returning this October The Halloween Baking Championship has come alive and seven of the country's best bakers compete in the sweetest trick or treat challenge.

In the first challenge, the bakers battle it out over the best creepy cupcakes and then kick it up in the second challenge with classic costume desserts.

Top cake designers act as paleontologists in this extreme Challenge, as they bring giant dinosaurs to life. These cakes move, roar and even explode with fireworks, but only the biggest, baddest dino will rule this Challenge and

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