Rip tombstone halloween sayings

Tombstones can have just about anything written on them. Epitaphs are usually the best but not always. Sometimes just the good ole RIP As you can see, there are plenty of options for Halloween tombstone sayings. You can even make up your own (see these short Halloween quotes for even more inspiration). Using your own creativity is a great way to come Skip buying expensive Halloweenthemed paper plates for all your guests to use at your Halloween party but instead buy regular black or orange paper plates which you can decorate on the sides of the plate with paper to make them look like a Halloween Tombstones Halloween tombstone sayings Funny Tombstone sayings Tombstone epitaphs Tombstone quotes Funny sayings Halloween decorations Funny pics Cemetery Headstones Forward Oh, so funny and so true.

These funny tombstone sayings Could make you die from laughter. Hilarious stuff to take along To friends in the hereafter. But if you read em slowly, All these headstone jokes And funny tombstone humor Should not cause you to croak. Oct 05, 2012  Ideas for funny tombstone sayings to carve on your home made halloween decorations. MORE Holidays and Celebrations Halloween; Halloween DIY: Funny Tombstone Sayings and Carving Tips. Updated on October 5, 2012. Joe Feyas.

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