License plate flipper diy halloween

Oct 28, 2015 Out having fun in our Halloween costumes, hope you all have a safe and happy holiday! btw you're never too old to dress up and have fun! Motorcycle License Plate Flipper DIY Duration: 5: 44 116 of 65 results for" license plate flipper" Altec Products, Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Frame, Remote Control Automatic Hide License Plate by Now you can switch out your license plate instantly by using this stealth license plate flipper.

This company makes motorized plate holders for your vehicles. That hide and cover your plate or switch it out for another Jan 04, 2006 Homemade License Plate Flip Kit. What's up fellas. I was a little bored at work last night so I decided to work on my license plate flip kit.

Here's how it came out. I think it looks good and works like a champ. Just wanted to get a few opinions to keep or just fess up the and buy a real one.

Still have to mount a light though. License Plate Flipper allows you to TRULY rotate or flip between two license plates in 180 degree fashion unlike everything else out there that only folds down. As seen in movies like James Bond or the Transporter. This is meant to be used off road or show room for show cars and not meant for use to avoid red light camera or avoid toll camera.

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