Ebola nurse outfits for halloween

With five days left until Halloween, unique costume shop Brands on Sale is selling a sexy Ebola nurse costume for 59. 99. (Boots sold separately. ) (Boots sold separately. ) The getup comes complete with face shield, lab coatlooking costume dress, face mask, and eye goggles. The Ebola Virus is certainly much more gruesome, and the fact that the costume is a sexy Ebola nurse certainly doesnt help its plight. I probably wouldnt be offended if I saw that costume on Halloween, but I definitely wouldnt encourage it either.

Earlier this week, there was another version of the Sexy Ebola Nurse costume circulating online that was proved to be a hoax, and was really just a photoshopped Breaking Bad costume. Guess we know At left, the" Sexy Breaking Bad" costume, at right, " Sexy Ebola Nurse" listing But will anyone actually buy these outrageous outfits?

Yes, if recent trends are any indication. Yet on Friday night, some Americans will dress up in hazmat suits akin to what health workers wear when treating an Ebola patient. And, of course, there's even a" sexy" version. Another Halloween, another costume controversy. It's not the first time a global health threat has inspired costumes and provoked the public.

Companies appear to be cashing in on the Ebola crisis which has affected 10, 000 people as 'sexy Ebola costumes' have emerged for sale and a London club has organised an Ebola Oct 27, 2014  The deadly Ebola virus has claimed nearly 5, 000 lives in West Africa and infected more than 10, 000 people, but some are using the outbreak for Halloween Oct 27, 2014 Online costume retailer Brands On Sale really is selling a" sexy Ebola containment suit" costume, the Daily News has confirmed.

Advertisement The 59. 99 getup comes with a white, nurseinspired dress, an" Ebola face shield, " a breathing mask, safety goggles and blue latex gloves.

Ebola workers Because bad taste spreads more quickly than infectious disease, todays most dangerous and tragic global epidemic is being exploited as one of this years most popular offcolor Halloween costumes. By now we've all seen the disgusting Sexy Ebola Nurse Costume. Now let's take a look at, by far, the worst Halloween costume of 2014: The Sexy Ebola Containment Suit. Most people Everyone would agree that this is easily one of the most insulting, deplorable, or distasteful costumes ever conceived.

With Halloween passing last week, all of us know that there are numerous costumes on the market and in our wardrobes: the cat, clown, witch and the more outgoing ones, like the Sexy Ebola Nurse costume that came out in online stores this year.

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