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Riken is regarded as the flagship research institute in Japan and conducts basic and applied experimental research in a wide range of science and technology fields including physics, chemistry, medical science, biology and engineering.

RIKEN brand offers reliable tyres in wide product ranges due to the long history of quality and European production technology. Riken Tyres are made by the French Company Michelin. Riken Gomu Industries, based in Japan, originally manufactured the Riken tire brand, but in 1992 they were acquired by Michelin's Japanese subsidiary.

The Riken brand provides safe tyres with modern design in all key product categories in Passenger Car, SUV, and Light Truck product segments. History Riken Gomu Industry was established in Japan, in 1917. The company initially worked in the field of physical science and chemical research and it later diversified into the tyre industry, using the Riken brand name.

Customers in Ringoes, NJ, Flemington, NJ, Lambertville, NJ, and surrounding areas in need of new tires choose Riken tires from Champion Tire. Riken: Defining Performance. Riken tires are a Japanese brand of tires created by the Riken Rubber Company in 1958.

RIKEN was originally established in Japan in 1917 as a physical science and chemical research company. The company later diversified into the tire industry, and has been exporting tires to the U.

S. and European markets since 1979. List of tire companies. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Country of origin Year founded Brands and subsidiaries Notes Aeolus Tyre Co. Ltd China: 1965 Aeolus (formerly Henan China) Aeolus Tyres is one of the Top 20 tyre manufacturers in the world.

Active in the European market since 2002. Michelin and its subsidiary Tigar Tyres sign a memo andum of understanding with Serbian authorities and the City of Pirot to expand capacity at the Tigar Tyres plant that produces entrylevel car tires.

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