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Halloween in stockholm sweden right in the heart of Stockholms busiest shopping street Buttericks is for many a onestop shop for everything you need for Halloween: costumes, makeup, fake mustasches, that allimportant Oscar statuette for your celebrity costume if you need it theyve probably got it. SCREAM TEAM SWEDEN. Would you like to volunteer in helping us create the BEST Halloween event in Stockholm ever!

? Then just drop us an email (Swedish or English) Oct 29, 2013  Hstlov and Halloween in Stockholm This is a special week (October 28th to November 3rd) in Stockholm for several reasons: it is autumn break ( hstlov ) and children are out of school for the whole week, All Saints' Day is this coming Saturday (Nov 2nd) and, of course, Halloween an import from the US which has grown in Ok, so Halloween in Stockholm may not be as spooky or flamboyant as youre normally used to.

Its not that easy to convince an entire population to cover their windows with cobwebs, let their kids wander the dark streets begging strangers for candy and generally revel in all things creepy and crawly. Stockholm, Sweden; Skellefte 7 Halloween Costumes for a Swedish Freak. Here are 7 great costumes for a Swedish Freak like you for this Halloween. Viking Warrior. Nothing says Sweden like a viking! Terrify your friends (or show them how to drink some mead!

) with this fun costume. Reminds me of Johan, when he and his sister came Halloween is a relatively young tradition in Sweden, with few people celebrating it until the 1990s. But the festival is gradually becoming an annual event here as Swedes slowly embrace scary costumes, cobweb decorations and group gettogethers. Today, it functions as a hotel for the brave (as well as restless) spirits wanting to spend the night in Sweden's most haunted property. The Borgvattnet vicarage looks less scary in daytime.

Photo: Lars EngstrmFlickr. 2. Svaneholm Castle. Svaneholm Castle in southern Sweden boasts a number of alleged ghosts. Halloween is a relatively new addition to Swedens yearly celebrations. With Celtic roots, this tradition is best known for the Americanstyle pumpkin decorations and trick or treat customs, both of which Swedes have also adopted. Tradition in Sweden. As with most of Europe, there is not much Halloween tradition in Sweden.

Any tradition that does exist in Swedish halloween comes directly from America. It is difficult, unlike in the United States, to find very much Halloweenthemed decorations prior to and around October 31, at least in Norrland. It was taken to Sweden in 1648 as war booty, and now the book is preserved in the National Library, Stockholm. Unfortunately, the book at the moment is not being displayed as the library is in the process of making Shockholm is Scandinavias largest Halloween parade!

Enjoy in or out of a Costume, Contests, Party, Games. Parade starts in Kungstrgden through Gamla Stan.

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