Halloween jello recipes cups

Directions for Candy Corn& Monster Jello Cups Candy Corn Jello Cups Cut out 2 strips from your white& yellow construction paper. Attach them on the orange Jello to look like Candy Corn and secure with glue Monster Jello Cups Place the Lime Jello with the top side down on your work surface. Attach Googly Eyes on the front side At this point you have a pan of green JellO and a pan of white JellO in the refrigerator and a cup of JellO on the countertop.

You will need to go find something to do for at least an hour, probably closer to 2 hours. Halloween Candy Corn Jello Cups SHOP THIS POST. The stemmed Candy Corn Jello Shots: If youre going for a Halloween jello shot thats a bit more colorful and classic rather than funky and creepy, we think these are just the ticket.

No one can deny the instant yum that comes to mind at the sight of Aug 24, 2010  Add boiling water to gelatin mix in large bowl; stir 2 Sep 29, 2014  Creepy Jello Cups Threeingredient, tenminute prep, For more spooktacular recipes and ideas, visit

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