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The Top 12 Adspired Halloween Costumes BatesMeron FullService Branding& Marketing Agency. to break down my top 12 favorite costumes with this wonderfully impressive list of admazing costumes. Here we go. 12. The Fantanas, aka The Fanta Girls: Whenever my friends and I went to the movies, we would always see the Fanta soda commercial before the previews.

I thought it would be a unique group costume to be the Fanta Girls Fantanas, and that people would easily recognize. Buy your Ron Burgundy costume and become San Diegos top rated newsman from the 1970s. Shop the options for Anchorman costumes including Veronica Cunningham, Brick Tamland or Brian Fantana to find the right Halloween costume for you from this trio of classic comedy films starring Will Ferrell.

The Legend of Ron Burgundy comes to live with the quartet consisting of Brick Tamland, Brian Fantana, Ron Burgundy and Champion Champ Kind. Costumes come with Suit, Shirt and Tie. Wigs and Hat also available for hire. Sep 06, 2009 Does anyone have any ideas for a Fanta Costume?

My friends and I range from about 1213 years old, and we want to be the Fantana's does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Amara Cat Costumes for kids for Halloween and other occassions. The absolute largest selection of cat costumes and cat costume accessories. Buy your cat costumes from the costume authority at Halloween Express. This Anchorman Brian Fantana Kit makes it easy to quickly transform into your favorite Anchorman character.

This is an officially licensed, exclusive costume! Accessory Kits Backpacks Belts Boots Shoes Capes Collectibles Costume Jewelry Facial Hair Glasses Gloves Halloween Essentials Anchorman Brian Fantana Kit.

29. 99. Made By Us Exclusive. Plus Size Authentic Ron Burgundy Suit Luckily, we make dressing the part the easiest thing with our Anchorman costumes. We have all About Fanta and the Fantanas. Fanta girl costumes are fun way to show off a favorite soda, and they are a great option for group Halloween costumes as well as sexy costumes.

With bright colors and even brighter personalities, these costumes are sure to stand out at any party. Was this page useful? Oct 27, 2017  Here are 20 SUPER last minute Halloween costumes for 2017! We have a ton of trendy halloween costumes, sexy halloween costumes, couple halloween costumes

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