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Wings of Destiny is a 501c3 organization, all contributions are tax deductible, less goods and services received, as allowed by law. Destiny Defined: an inevitable series of events or that which determines those events, that is a supernatural thing. It's time to break out the Tricks and Treats in Wings of Destiny! Join the festivities with us right here! There is a plethora of special Halloween events waiting for you, including new NPCs, BOSS monsters, and totally awesome fashion accessories. Wings of Destiny.

475K likes. Wings of Destiny, a world built on turmoil of mythic proportions. RPG fans can look forward to a wide variety of classes This Grade S card was implemented during the Halloween event in October 2013. It grants the player a 10 chance to transform an enemy into a small animal to reduce its DEF and MDEF when the card is inlaid to a weapon.

Open the gift for chance to get Tanzanite, Mall items, a Voucher bag, and one [Halloween Treat. You may enter the dungeon three times each day. Your STAR level does not affect the number of times you may enter. wings of destiny brisbane event may 2017 Welcome to the Wings of Destiny Brisbane Event photos We had the most wonderful evening, with the wonderful MC Lucy, Wings of Destiny creator Kate and her esteemed Marketing Director Enter this fun event to win all kinds of transformation items and rewards!

Event Rules: Players who meet the game or STAR level requirements on the event page are eligible to win. Prizes will be delivered within 10 minutes of a successful redemption. Wings of Destiny hosts, supports, and participates in a wide range of fundraising gatherings. Among our many events, youre sure to find something that strikes your interest. Make sure you and your family and friends dont miss out on our next fun and impactful experience.

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