Hottest halloween on record

This year's Halloween has been the warmest on record in the UK, BBC weather has said. A temperature of 23. 6C (74. 3F) was recorded in Gravesend, Kent and Kew Gardens, Greater London, surpassing the How can the answer be improved?

Frieda, though, was in a rotten mood and nothing could change her opinion. She said that I" ruined Halloween" and" should just go home. " I had no intent of doing either of those things and I urged her to enjoy the night. For my part, I had fun. There was punch, party games, and lots of fun people in creative costumes. This Halloween will be the hottest on record, according to forecasters.

Temperatures could reach 21C (70F) in the South East, eight degrees higher than expected at this time of year. But dont get too excited; next week will see a While not enough to break the hottest October day on record, which stands at 29.

9C, had this warmth occurred tomorrow, on 1 November, it would have been a new November record for the UK, beating the 21. 7C reached at Prestatyn, Denbighshire on Oct 31, 2015  Watch video  Last year 23. 6C (74. 3F) was recorded in Gravesend, Kent and Londons Kew Gardens beating the previous record of 19. 4C (67F) set in 1968 in Margate. Coral is offering evens that temperatures soar above 19C (66F) this Halloween with 661 on a new record being set.

Oct 31, 2014 London (AFP) Britain enjoyed the hottest Halloween on record on Friday, forecasters said, ending an unusually mild October with temperatures topping 23 degrees Celcius.

Temperatures soared to 23. 5 C in Gravesend in Kent, beating the previous high of 20 C, set in Dartford, Kent in 1968, the Met Office said.

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